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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with Bootstrap

The Course Overview

04m 0s

Setting Up Our Project

08m 40s

Creating a Login Page

08m 36s

Working with Forms in Bootstrap

08m 48s

Designing Efficient Forms

08m 51s

Chapter: Layout Basics

Building Layouts with Bootstrap

09m 7s

Custom Layouts and Bootstrap

09m 46s

Creating a Dashboard Page

08m 47s

Chapter: Working with Tables

Creating Our First Table View

09m 38s

Tables and Bootstrap

07m 11s

Advanced Tables

13m 26s

Chapter: Working with JS and Responsive design

Working with Bootstrap JS plugins

15m 21s

Most Popular Third-party JS plugins

21m 5s

Making our app more responsive

13m 54s

Chapter: Migrating to Bootstrap 4

Difference between Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4

06m 50s

Migrating Our App to Bootstrap 4

18m 18s

Using New Bootstrap 4 Components

09m 28s

Final Steps

08m 30s