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Table of Contents

Chapter: Grunt Your Companion

The course Overview

04m 36s

Setting Up and Installing the Project

03m 44s


04m 4s

Grunt Core Concepts

04m 20s

Grunt in

03m 16s

Chapter: Gruntify Your Project

Adding Quality Checks with ESLint

05m 42s

Running the Tests

05m 45s

Generating a Test Coverage Report

03m 51s

Bundling Client-side Modules

04m 26s

Chapter: Advanced Automation with Grunt

Productivity with a Toolchain

06m 24s

Real-time Testing

05m 8s

Context-based Optimization

03m 22s

Combining Tasks to Create a Workflow

04m 54s

Chapter: The freedom of Plugin Authoring

Plugin Scaffolding

04m 24s

registerTask Versus registerMultiTask

05m 21s

Plugin Communication

04m 34s

Handling Asynchronous Tasks

04m 51s

Chapter: Advanced Plugin Authoring

Verbose, Debug, Error – Best Practice Output

05m 24s

Even More Pluggable with Events

03m 40s

Testing the Plugin with Mocha and Chai

04m 14s

Become Famous – Publish Your Plugin to the World

04m 51s

Chapter: Managing a Maintainable Grunt Config

A Cleaner Gruntfile

04m 19s

Parameterizing the Configuration

03m 19s

Taking Advantage of Your Environment – Grunt with npm

04m 13s

Divide and Rule – Split Your Grunt Tasks

04m 13s

Chapter: The Grunt Philosophy

Common Pitfalls with Grunt

04m 45s

Adopting the Grunt Way

04m 42s

Task Runners

05m 25s