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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

The Course Overview

03m 28s

Installing the Basics

04m 57s

Starting Your Site with Webpack

07m 7s

Creating a Good Documentation with

04m 37s

Chapter: Making Your Site Shine

Adding Bootstrap

04m 50s

Using Custom SASS Styles

04m 22s

Including Font Awesome Icons

03m 58s

Responsive Design with Bootstrap Grid

07m 32s

Chapter: Expanding Your Angular App

Creating Routes in Angular

09m 51s

Adding Navigation Links

07m 14s

Developing Reusable Elements

06m 33s

Chapter: Creating Express Routes

Creating Nested Express Routes

10m 58s

Building a Usable API

05m 32s

Connecting to MongoDB

06m 1s

Adding Mongoose Models

09m 4s

Writing Mocha Tests for Your Routes

08m 31s

Chapter: Developing Angular Forms

Adding an Angular Service

08m 33s

Using Rich Models in Angular

04m 11s

Validating Form Data

10m 16s

Installing and Testing with Protractor

05m 46s

Chapter: Securing Your API

Adding User Profiles

11m 31s

Validating JWT in Express

04m 57s

Updating Integration Tests

04m 12s

Storing the JSON Web Token

10m 14s

Using HTTP Interception

06m 17s

Chapter: Sending Transactional E-mails

Creating a Work Process

06m 34s

Configuring a Job Queue

07m 32s

Designing an E-mail Template

05m 41s

Connecting to an E-mail Provider

07m 24s

Chapter: Including Real-time Updates


04m 12s

Configuring Real-time Event Messaging

05m 47s

Updating Angular with New Content

07m 7s

Chapter: Deploying to Production

Buying a MongoDB Server

05m 44s

Buying a Node.js Server

07m 17s

Building Your Site with Webpack

09m 5s

Chapter: Conclusion

Where We Started?

04m 31s

Summary of Our Components

06m 0s

Ideas for Extending Your App

05m 8s

Resources for Further Learning

03m 6s