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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Web APIs

The Course Overview

06m 48s

Understanding REST

08m 21s

Introduction to ASP.NET Web API

03m 17s

What’s New in ASP.NET Core 1.0?

06m 1s

Chapter: Getting Started with the Project

Creating a New Web API Project

06m 35s

Setting Up the Infrastructure

06m 52s

Creating Web API Controller

07m 18s


04m 52s


05m 48s

Chapter: Building the Web API

Understanding HTTP Verbs

03m 54s

Implementing GET

04m 6s

Implementing POST

03m 22s

Implementing PUT

02m 22s

Implementing DELETE

01m 58s

Implementing PATCH

03m 4s

Chapter: Adding More Features to Web API

Associations and URI Mapping

05m 19s

Implementing Sorting

03m 7s

Implementing Paging

05m 21s

Implementing Filters

03m 4s

Chapter: Security in ASP.NET Web API

Understanding Security

04m 13s

Using SSL

03m 34s

Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

03m 29s

Implementing Authentication

04m 45s

Implementing Authorization

02m 58s

OAuth and Web API

04m 3s

Chapter: Advanced Topics

Dependency Injection

04m 36s

HTTP Caching

03m 0s

Demo – HTTP Caching

03m 19s


04m 53s

Demo – Versioning

04m 43s

Chapter: Consuming the API

Getting the Resources

05m 27s

Adding New Resources

02m 24s

Updating Resources

01m 59s

Deleting Resources

01m 23s

Sorting and Paging

03m 2s

Caching and Versioning

03m 27s

Chapter: Tips/Tricks and Best Practices

Designing the URI

03m 15s

HTTP Verbs – What not to do

02m 29s

Usage of HTTP Status Codes

04m 2s

Caching Best Practices

02m 0s

Other Common Practices

02m 7s

What’s Next?

03m 11s