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Table of Contents

Chapter: Planning the Count game

The Course Overview

03m 51s

Setting Up Your File Structure

05m 48s

Setting Up the Canvas with CreateJS

03m 46s

Preparing the Graphics

05m 58s

Implementing Your First Game Object

05m 41s

Chapter: Creating the Core logic

Displaying Multiple Objects on Stage

04m 7s

Adding Tap Input Events

02m 35s

Making the Game Mobile Friendly

05m 5s

Adding the Game Logic

02m 42s

Adding the Game Over Logic

03m 4s

Chapter: Polishing the Count Game

Animating the Game Over Scene

10m 29s

Restarting the Game

02m 2s

Adding Custom Web Font

04m 22s

Adding Audio Effect

04m 46s

Deploying the Game on the Web

05m 7s

Chapter: Preparing the Rush Game

Planning the Rush Game

04m 6s

Creating the Rush Game’s Graphics

09m 29s

Defining the GameObject Class

04m 7s

Creating a Platform Class

01m 51s

Adding Platforms to Stage

02m 56s

Chapter: Moving the Character

Handling Platforms and Avatar Collisions

03m 54s

Creating Movable Game Objects

04m 56s

Applying Gravity to the Avatar

04m 22s

Making the Avatar Run

02m 40s

Making the Avatar Jump

04m 7s

Chapter: Collision Detection

Implementing the Enemy Game Object

03m 44s

Handling Enemy and Hero Collisions

03m 1s

Handling Collisions with Generic Methods

02m 29s

Implementing the Coins Objects

02m 17s

Handling Hero-Coins Collision

02m 53s

Chapter: Building Levels

Placing Platforms and Game Objects Together

06m 8s

Creating the Multiple Platform Width

03m 1s

Defining Levels with Difficulty

03m 23s

Generating Platforms and Game Objects Based on Level

02m 51s

Level Up with Game Score Multiplier

03m 3s

Chapter: Polishing the Rush Game

Creating a Main Menu Scene

07m 44s

Creating a Game Over Scene

04m 16s

Displaying Scores

03m 25s

Finalizing Your Game’s Web Page

04m 20s

Adding the Game to Home Screen

07m 8s