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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction to the Practice of UX Strategy

01m 5s

Who Should Study UX Strategy and About Instructor Jaime Levy

09m 35s

Chapter: Why UX Strategy is Crucial

UX Strategy Case Study: The Drug Treatment Center

07m 30s

A Brief History of UX Strategy

01m 52s

Misinterpretations About UX Strategy

06m 40s

So What the Hell Is UX Strategy and Why Is it Crucial?

02m 11s

Chapter: The Four Tenets of My UX Strategy Framework

Understanding Jaime Levy's UX Strategy Framework

05m 25s

Explanation of Tenet 1: Business Strategy

07m 38s

Explanation of Tenet 2: Value Innovation

09m 12s

Explanation of Tenet 3: Validated User Research

09m 19s

Explanation of Tenet 4: Killer UX Design

06m 33s

UX Strategy Business Case: Airbnb

08m 53s

Top 10 Not-UX Strategies to Avoid

01m 32s

Chapter: Validating the Value Proposition

A Personal UX Strategy Anecdote: The Blockbuster Value Proposition

03m 17s

Five Steps to Identify and Validate a Value Proposition

04m 18s

Define Customer Segments and Their Problems by Creating a Provisional Persona

05m 54s

Conduct Customer Discovery to Validate Your Provisional Persona

08m 20s

Validating the Value Proposition Recap

01m 30s