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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction to Conducting Competitive Research and Analysis

01m 6s

Who Should Study UX Strategy and About Instructor Jaime Levy

09m 35s

Chapter: Why a Competitive Advantage is Everything

Explanation of Tenet 1: Business Strategy

07m 38s

Personal Anecdote: My Father's Hot Dog Stand

03m 29s

Download the UX Strategy Toolkit, Because Spreadsheets Are Rad!

02m 19s

Chapter: Knowing the Competition

Personal Anecdote: The Blockbuster Value Proposition (Continued)

03m 1s

Understanding the Competition

04m 20s

How to Find Your Competitors

07m 49s

Benefits of Having the UX Team Do the Competitive Research

02m 22s

Chapter: Doing the Research

Filling Out the Competitive Analysis Matrix With Data

19m 39s

Chapter: Analyzing the Research

What Is Competitive Analysis?

04m 45s

Four Steps to Conducting Competitive Analysis

06m 16s

Chapter: Creating a Findings Brief

Step 4: Creating a Competitive Analysis Findings Brief

09m 22s

Conducting Competitive Research and Analysis Recap

01m 26s