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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction to Conducting Guerrilla User Research

01m 3s

Who Should Study UX Strategy and About Instructor Jaime Levy

09m 35s

Chapter: What is Validated User Research

Explanation of Tenet 3: Validated User Research

09m 19s

UX Strategy Case Study: The Drug Treatment Center

07m 30s

User Research vs. Guerrilla User Research

05m 16s

Walking Through a Guerrilla User Research Field Study

04m 25s

The Three Phases of Guerrilla User Research

03m 3s

Chapter: The Planning Phase

Step 1: Determining the Objectives

01m 51s

Step 2: Preparing the Questions

05m 3s

Step 3: Scouting Out the Venue

07m 13s

Step 4: Advertising for Participants

04m 42s

Step 5: Screening the Participants

04m 30s

Chapter: The Interview Phase

Conducting Interviews and Extracting Measurable Feedback

06m 51s

Chapter: The Analysis Phase

The Analysis Phase

04m 1s

Guerrilla User Research Recap

01m 34s