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Table of Contents

Chapter: Beyond the Basics

Nested Scopes

08m 0s


08m 53s

Closure Q&A

13m 24s

Public vs Private

04m 42s


05m 15s

Chapter: Organizing Code

Exercises Overview

03m 12s

Task #1 - Introduction

09m 52s

Task #1 - Events

06m 45s

Task #1 - AJAX

12m 4s

Task #2 - Carousel

07m 13s

Task #2 - Details Pane

14m 31s

Chapter: Modules

Task #3 - Header Module

11m 6s

Task #3 - Carousel & Details Modules

08m 53s

Task #3 - Questions

16m 16s

Task #3 - Refactoring Details & Carousel

10m 13s

Task #3 - app.js

03m 11s

Task #4 - Event Emitters

10m 36s

Task #4 - Initializing Modules

12m 58s

Chapter: Server-side JavaScript

Middle-End Architecture

14m 27s

Secure Phrase Generator

04m 4s

server.js Walkthrough

15m 17s

Building Templates

13m 12s

Templating Questions

05m 24s

Routing Functions

07m 51s


09m 58s

Chapter: Adding a Shared Module

Creating a Random Number Module

10m 28s

Calling the API

10m 6s

Rendering on the Page

06m 56s

Shared Data Validation

12m 46s

Using the Validation Module

10m 18s


07m 57s

Key Takeaways

05m 30s

Final Questions

04m 50s