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Table of Contents

Chapter: Node.js

Nodejs Refresher

09m 23s


10m 18s

Executing Node

02m 53s


08m 6s

Using Express

07m 43s

Exercise 1

06m 22s

Exercise 1 Solution

10m 47s

Chapter: REST APIs

Getting RESTful

04m 14s

Anatomy of a REST API

10m 16s

Exercise 2

06m 42s

Exercise 2 Solution

10m 24s

Exercise 2 Solution, continued

08m 26s

Chapter: Middleware

What is Middleware

09m 27s

Types of Middleware

13m 15s

Middleware Examples

06m 36s

Exercise 3

06m 27s

Exercise 3 Solution

11m 23s


07m 4s

Exercise 4

02m 16s

Exercise 4 Solution

06m 57s

Error Handling

06m 44s

Audience Q&A

05m 33s

Audience Q&A continued

10m 38s

Chapter: Testing

Testing in Node

12m 20s

Node Environment Variables

05m 59s

Exercise 5

11m 45s

Exercise 5 Solution

11m 30s

Testing Q&A

11m 36s

Chapter: Organization & Configuration

Application Organization

05m 40s


12m 2s

Exercise 6

16m 18s

Exercise 6 Solution

15m 10s

Chapter: Mongo

Mongo Introduction

10m 38s

Using the Mongo with Node

04m 51s

Exercise 7

02m 35s

Exercise 7 Solution

03m 40s

Chapter: Data Modeling


06m 19s

Schema Types

06m 9s


11m 15s

Blog Schema Representation

08m 32s

Exercise 8

01m 6s

Exercise 8 Solution

13m 50s

Chapter: Querying

Querying Data with Mongoose

11m 38s


04m 28s

Exercise 9

02m 4s

Exercise 9 Solution

10m 54s

Exercise 9 Solution, continued

05m 46s

Creating Promises

10m 10s

Consuming Promises

06m 13s

Nested Promises

11m 55s

Chapter: Authentication

JSON Web Tokens

06m 50s

Using JWT

08m 29s

Usernames & Passwords

07m 11s

Authentication with Middleware

09m 42s

Exercise 10

01m 22s

Exercise 10 Solution

08m 42s

Executing CRUD Operations

07m 0s

Authentication Configuration

08m 46s

Exercise 11

12m 29s

Exercise 11 Solution

13m 4s

Testing the Authentication

09m 33s

Chapter: Securing Routes

Identifying Sensitive Routes

07m 47s

Understanding CORS

11m 27s

Testing the UI

06m 2s

Exercise 12

08m 21s

Exercise 12 Solution

15m 18s

Exercise 12 Solution, continued

07m 10s

Chapter: Deployment

Deployment Overview

08m 47s

Deploying to Heroku

12m 16s

Configuring the Deployment

10m 5s

Chapter: Q&A

Q&A Part 1

12m 12s

Q&A Part 2

09m 29s

Q&A Part 3

12m 52s