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Table of Contents

Chapter: SVG Overview

SVG Introduction

05m 52s

Platonic Shapes

04m 22s

Paths and Groups

08m 3s

Chapter: Optimization, CSS Animation, & SVG DOM

Optimization & CSS Animations

08m 52s

Exercise 1

02m 26s

Chapter: SVG Sprites

Step Animations & Rolling backgrounds

09m 58s

Responsive Sprites

12m 14s

Atmospheric and Elemental Motion

06m 19s

Chapter: Performance


12m 37s

CSS Properties

03m 4s

Chapter: Greensock

Greensock Workflow

09m 8s

Greensock Syntax

05m 58s

Staggering Animations

03m 16s


10m 33s

Exercise 3

00m 38s

Illustrator Workflow

05m 49s

Chapter: UI/UX Animation vs. Standalone

UI/UX Animation Overview

10m 0s

Animation with Interaction

09m 21s

Draggable Animations

09m 28s

Chapter: DrawSVG and Motion Along a Path


03m 1s

Motion Along a Path

04m 44s

Chapter: Animating Text & Relative Color Values

SplitText Plugin

04m 20s

Relative Tweens

03m 46s

Exercise 5

01m 11s

Chapter: MorphSVG


10m 14s

Exercise 6

00m 19s

Storyboarding Animations

05m 39s

Resources and Course Wrap-Up

03m 56s