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Table of Contents

Chapter: Parallel vs. Async

Course Introduction

12m 26s

Single Threaded JavaScript

05m 1s


08m 13s

Chapter: Callback

Callback Hell

04m 37s

Exercise 1

04m 37s

Exercise 1 Solution

12m 3s

Callback Problems: Inversion of Control

12m 14s

Callback Problems: Not Reason-able

08m 32s

Non Fixes

04m 27s

Chapter: Thunks

Synchronous and Asynchronous Thunks

12m 14s

Exercise 2

02m 41s

Exercise 2 Solution

12m 15s

Thunks and Closure

05m 38s

Chapter: Promises

Native Promises

07m 22s

Promise API

09m 46s

Promise Flow Control

07m 3s

Exercise 3

01m 30s

Exercise 3 Solution

08m 47s

Exercise 3 Questions Part 1

09m 43s

Exercise 3 Questions Part 2

10m 52s

Exercise 4

03m 5s

Exercise 4 Solution

11m 15s


08m 56s

Sequences & Gates

07m 25s

Exercise 5 & 6

01m 13s

Exercise 5 Solution

09m 41s

Exercise 6 Solution

12m 32s

Chapter: Generators

Generator Example

08m 54s


09m 41s

Messaging Questions

09m 33s

Async Generators

10m 25s

Promises + Generators

13m 2s

Exercise 7

00m 58s

Exercise 7 Solution

09m 22s


03m 55s

Chapter: Observables

Events + Promises

05m 34s


12m 43s

Reactive Sequences

10m 51s

Exercise 8

02m 10s

Exercise 8 Solution Part 1

12m 15s

Exercise 8 Solution Part 2

06m 1s

Chapter: CSP

Concurrency + Channels

12m 23s

Blocking Channels

08m 35s

Event Channels

05m 43s

Exercise 9

00m 37s

Exercise 9 Solution

12m 38s


08m 13s

Exercise 10

02m 11s


02m 11s