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Table of Contents

Chapter: The Angular 2 Big Picture


05m 18s

The Demo Application

06m 57s

Why Angular 2?

06m 5s

Angular Building Blocks 1

11m 51s

Angular Building Blocks 2

09m 30s

Change Detection & Testing

12m 0s

Challenge 1

05m 5s

Challenge 1 Solution

14m 52s

Chapter: Prerequisite Primer in Tooling

Module Loading & Webpack

06m 19s

ES6 & TypeScript

08m 24s


06m 23s

The Anatomy of a Build System

12m 57s

Using a Build System

08m 9s

A Deeper Look at webpack.config.js

09m 52s

Installing Typings

08m 49s

Chapter: Component Fundamentals


11m 8s

Creating, Importing, & Decorating Classes

07m 44s

Component Demonstration

07m 54s

Lifecycle Hooks

07m 38s

Writing a Component Spec

08m 6s

Challenge 2

01m 28s

Challenge 2 Solution

05m 32s

Chapter: Templates


06m 33s

Property, Event, & Two-Way Bindings

10m 20s

Asterisk, Hashtag, & Elvis Operators

05m 9s

Template Demonstration: Bindings and Styles

13m 32s

Template Demonstration: Operators

05m 15s

Challenge 3

02m 13s

Challenge 3 Solution Part 1

12m 33s

Challenge 3 Solution Part 2

07m 47s

Chapter: Services

Creating Services

09m 14s

Challenge 4

09m 15s

Challenge 4 Solution

13m 49s

Services Q&A

04m 11s

Chapter: Routing

Router Overview

07m 29s

Day-Two Demo Application

08m 27s

Challenge 5

01m 10s

Challenge 5 Solution

09m 57s

Component Router, Navigating Routes & Query Parameters

10m 39s

Child Routes

10m 24s

Router Demonstration 1

04m 53s

Router Demonstration 2

12m 19s

Challenge 6

00m 43s

Challenge 6 Solution

15m 39s

Chapter: Component Composition

Component System Architecture

09m 23s

Component Contracts

02m 50s

@Input & @Output

10m 15s

EventEmitter Demonstration

10m 29s

Smart & Dumb Components

04m 41s

View Encapsulation

08m 48s

Challenge 7

03m 4s

Challenge 7 Solution Part 1

09m 8s

Challenge 7 Solution Part 2

12m 12s

Chapter: Directives

Attribute Directives

08m 26s

Directive Host Property

10m 4s

Built-in & Structural Directives

10m 40s

Challenge 8

04m 9s

Challenge 8 Solution Part 1

10m 3s

Challenge 8 Solution Part 2

06m 17s

Chapter: Forms

Form Builder

11m 34s

Submitting Forms

11m 6s

Challenge 9

00m 56s

Challenge 9 Solution Part 1

06m 28s

Challenge 9 Solution Part 2

10m 43s

Chapter: Server Communication

The HTTP Module

03m 43s

Observables & Headers

06m 56s

HTTP Demonstration Part 1

10m 37s

HTTP Demonstration Part 2

07m 10s

Challenge 10

02m 53s

Challenge 10 Solution Part 1

07m 51s

Challenge 10 Solution Part 2

10m 9s

Chapter: Pipes

What are Pipes?

04m 4s

Pipe Demonstration

09m 6s