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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

01m 9s

About The Author

01m 41s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Introduction To The KNIME Analytics Platform

What Is The KNIME Analytics Platform And What It Can Do For You

04m 14s

Installation Of The KNIME Analytics Platform

03m 31s

A Quick Tour Of The KNIME Analytics Platform

05m 34s

Available Resources And Preview Of Final Goals For This Course

04m 18s

GUI Based Programming: Workflows, Nodes, And Importing Workflows

03m 17s

Chapter: Data Access

Reading From A Text File

06m 50s

Database Access

07m 0s

External REST Services

04m 17s

Artificial Data Generation

04m 12s

Other Data Access Nodes

02m 59s


00m 48s

Chapter: Data Visualization

Data Visualization

03m 24s

JavaScript Based Visualization

06m 53s

Data Views

05m 32s


04m 20s

Graphics Through R

03m 21s


01m 5s

Chapter: ETL And Data Manipulation

Data Filtering

06m 7s

Data Aggregations

06m 20s

Concatenation And Join

05m 29s

Data Transformations

07m 53s

Workflow Clean Up

04m 39s

Datetime Manipulation

06m 20s

In-Database Processing

06m 20s


00m 44s

Chapter: Data Mining

Process Overview

04m 53s

Training And Applying A Decision Tree

05m 39s

Scoring A Model

06m 20s


04m 44s

K-Means Clustering

05m 21s

Recommendation Engines

06m 33s

Other Models Available

06m 26s


00m 47s

Chapter: Reporting

Reporting Overview

02m 11s

BIRT Integration

04m 55s

Other Commercial Integrations

04m 6s

KNIME WebPortal

06m 21s


00m 54s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up And Thank You

02m 28s