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Table of Contents

Chapter: CompTIA A+ 220-901

Introduction - What To Expect From This Course

04m 52s

About The Author

03m 51s

Course Overview

04m 32s

Who Is CompTIA?

07m 0s

Why A+?

07m 5s

What You Need To Know

06m 27s

Taking The A+ Exam

07m 26s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Computing Basics

Hardware, Software, And Firmware

05m 57s


06m 27s


06m 52s

A+ Techs And Security

07m 22s


06m 17s

Printing Basics

05m 24s

Troubleshooting Basics

06m 41s

Chapter 2 Assessment

06m 1s

Chapter: Hardware And The Boot Process

What Is BIOS?

05m 55s

Understanding The Boot Sequence

07m 24s

BIOS Configuration Part - 1

06m 54s

BIOS Configuration Part - 2

05m 54s

Virtualization Settings

07m 14s

Securing BIOS Part - 1

06m 27s

Securing BIOS Part - 2

05m 57s

Chapter 3 Assessment

05m 41s

Chapter: Hardware - Motherboards

Motherboard Basics

05m 59s

Motherboard Sizes Part - 1

06m 19s

Motherboard Sizes Part - 2

05m 20s

Sockets And Slots

06m 44s

Expansion Slots

07m 37s

Utilizing Expansion Cards Part - 1

06m 55s

Utilizing Expansion Cards Part - 2

05m 47s

Understanding Chipsets

06m 41s

Chapter 4 Assessment

05m 46s

Chapter: Hardware - Processors

CPU Basics

07m 22s

CPU Characteristics Part - 1

07m 15s

CPU Characteristics Part - 2

07m 40s

Understanding Sockets

07m 46s

Intel Sockets And CPUs

04m 39s

AMD Sockets And CPUs

03m 59s

CPUs And Cooling

07m 34s

Chapter 5 Assessment

05m 31s

Chapter: Hardware - Storage

Data Storage Devices

03m 38s

Hard Drive Basics

07m 46s

Solid State Drives

05m 43s

Drive Connections

08m 5s

Common Device Connections

08m 19s

Parallel Or Serial?

04m 27s

Media Capacities

07m 45s

Understanding Raid

08m 45s

Chapter 6 Assessment

06m 16s

Chapter: Hardware - RAM

RAM Basics

08m 24s

RAM Types

06m 52s

RAM Speeds

05m 17s

What Is Parity And ECC?

05m 40s

Buffered And Unbuffered RAM

03m 14s

Chapter 7 Assessment

04m 14s

Chapter: Hardware - Displays

Display Basics

07m 36s

Understanding Resolution

04m 27s

Aspect Ratios

04m 16s

Display Connectors

05m 50s

Privacy Filters

03m 28s

Chapter 8 Assessment

04m 23s

Chapter: Networking - Cables And Connections

Networking Basics

06m 7s

Network Types

07m 8s

Network Cabling Types

05m 40s

UTP Cable

06m 54s

UTP Connectors

05m 21s

UTP Cat Levels

04m 41s

Coaxial Cable

06m 14s

Fiber Optic Cable

04m 57s

Plenum Rated Cables

05m 5s

Network Devices

08m 29s

Power Over Ethernet

04m 19s

Chapter 9 Assessment

03m 25s

Chapter: Networking - TCP/IP Addressing

TCP/IP Basics

04m 19s

Understanding The Subnet Mask

06m 24s

Default Gateway

05m 29s

Understanding CIDR

07m 21s

Fundamentals Of DHCP

05m 50s

Static And Dynamic Addressing

06m 38s

APIPA Addressing

04m 9s

Fundamentals Of DNS

06m 50s


03m 57s

Understanding Ports

07m 46s

Port Forwarding And Triggering

06m 24s

Chapter 10 Assessment

03m 35s

Chapter: Networking - Wireless

Wi-Fi Basics

03m 16s

Wireless Standards

07m 14s

Wireless Encryption

07m 41s

Wireless Channels

04m 33s

Chapter 11 Assessment

03m 11s

Chapter: Mobile Devices

Mobile Device Types

04m 1s

Laptop Ports And Adapters

06m 33s

Laptop Display Characteristics

05m 47s

USB Adapters

04m 31s

Mobile Device Connections

08m 45s

Chapter 12 Assessment

06m 3s

Chapter: Hardware - Printers

Types Of Printers

09m 21s

Laser Printing Process

07m 50s

Virtual Printing

03m 32s

Chapter 13 Assessment

03m 1s

Chapter: Troubleshooting

Basic Troublshooting Method

08m 24s

Command Line Tools

05m 56s

Command Prompt Demo

06m 53s

Hardware Tools

08m 20s

Chapter 14 Assessment

04m 35s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

05m 34s