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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

06m 3s

About The Author

03m 46s

Course Overview

04m 51s

Who Is CompTIA?

06m 14s

Why A+?

06m 22s

What You Need To Know

06m 34s

Taking The A+ Exam

07m 12s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Software And Security Basics

Operating System Basics

06m 19s

32 Bit Vs 64 Bit

05m 47s

Security Basics

06m 15s

Users, Groups, And Permissions

08m 9s

Chapter 2 Assessment

04m 21s

Chapter: Windows OS- Installing

Windows Installation Options Part - 1

08m 0s

Windows Installation Options Part - 2

06m 54s

Upgrading Vista

05m 19s

Upgrading Windows 7

02m 33s

Upgrading Windows 8

03m 3s

Booting The PC

05m 15s

Partition Types

08m 27s

File System Formatting

07m 47s

Chapter 3 Assessment

04m 23s

Chapter: Windows OS- Admin Tools

Admin Tools Overview

08m 21s

Control Panel

06m 29s

Using Task Manager

07m 31s

Disk Management

04m 48s


08m 9s

Device Manager

06m 15s


05m 6s

Performance Monitor

03m 11s

Performance Monitor Demo

06m 13s

Ultimate Admin Tool

03m 31s

OS Best Practices

05m 42s

Chapter 4 Assessment

03m 49s

Chapter: Windows OS- Command Line

Command Prompt

06m 23s

Elevated Permissions

06m 11s

Getting Help

05m 56s

Essential Commands

03m 5s

Disk Commands

02m 54s

Directory Commands

03m 52s

OS Commands

03m 53s

Chapter 5 Assessment

04m 31s

Chapter: Windows OS - System Utilities And Tools

System Utilities And Tools

03m 28s

Registry Editor

07m 33s

Using Regedit

07m 0s


07m 7s

Microsoft Management Console

06m 18s


04m 46s


07m 59s

Windows Update

09m 14s

Chapter 6 Assessment

07m 32s

Chapter: Windows OS - Networking

Workgroups And Domains

08m 34s


07m 7s

Home, Work Or Public

05m 8s


05m 47s

Remote Assistance

05m 43s

Firewall Settings

06m 13s

Alternate IP Addresses

05m 7s

Chapter 7 Assessment

05m 1s

Chapter: Other OS - Tools

OS X And Linux

06m 44s

Open Vs. Closed Source

06m 28s


04m 10s

Disk Maintenance Tools

03m 49s

Working With The Shell

05m 36s

Linux Commands To Know

07m 20s

Chapter 8 Assessment

04m 21s

Chapter: Windows OS - Security

Threats And Vulnerabilities

08m 59s

Physical Security Techniques

06m 59s

Digital Security Techniques

07m 31s

User Education

05m 40s

Users And Groups

08m 6s

Password Best Practices

04m 49s

User Account Management

05m 21s

NTFS And Share Permissions

07m 13s

Implicit And Explicit Permissions

05m 36s

Using EFS

05m 25s

Chapter 9 Assessment

05m 9s

Chapter: Securing Mobile Devices

Mobile Device Screen Locks

04m 35s

Remote Wipe

04m 19s


05m 55s

Biometric Authentication

04m 7s

Multifactor Authentication

03m 50s

Managing Bluetooth

03m 19s

Chapter 10 Assessment

04m 25s

Chapter: Cloud Computing And Virtualization

Virtualization Basics

07m 13s

Advantages Of Virtualization

07m 59s

Understanding Cloud Computing

08m 19s

Cloud Computing Types

04m 59s

Chapter 11 Assessment

05m 38s

Chapter: Operational Procedures

Safety Procedures

05m 45s

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

07m 47s

Client Interaction

07m 18s


03m 29s

Prohibited Content Handling

03m 58s

Physical Destruction And Disposal

06m 3s

Chapter 12 Assessment

04m 26s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

05m 19s