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Table of Contents

Chapter: Course Introduction

Course Overview

04m 24s

About The Author

01m 26s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Spring Integration Introduction

Spring Integration Chapter Overview

02m 6s

Integration Fundamentals

07m 37s

Spring Integration Goals

05m 34s

Core Integration Components

06m 34s

Spring Tool Suite Installation

04m 3s

Spring Integration Demonstration

08m 30s

Chapter: Integration Basics

Integration Basics Chapter Overview

01m 35s

Project Setup

07m 51s


09m 42s


07m 1s


08m 16s


05m 36s

Chapter: Channels

Channels Chapter Overview

01m 50s

Channel Types

06m 35s


11m 34s


06m 11s


09m 3s


05m 37s

Messaging Bridge

04m 37s


06m 9s

Chapter: Routing Messages

Routers, Filters, Splitters And Aggregators Chapter Overview

05m 39s

Payload Type Router

06m 34s

Header Value Router

04m 30s

Recipient List Router

07m 0s

Custom Router

07m 9s


05m 2s

Custom Filters

04m 10s


07m 23s


04m 54s

Custom Aggregation

06m 16s

Chapter: Transforming Messages

Message Transformers Chapter Overview

01m 46s


06m 5s

Transformer Types

06m 55s

Filtering Headers

05m 0s

Header Enricher

05m 47s

Payload Enricher

08m 5s

Chapter: Processing Endpoints

Processing Endpoints Chapter Overview

03m 3s

Service Activator

07m 6s


10m 41s

Gateway Headers

04m 32s

Asynchronous Gateways

08m 55s

Inbound Channel Adapter

05m 57s

Outbound Channel Adapter

05m 34s

Chapter: File System Integrations

File System Integration Chapter Overview

02m 29s

Reading Files

07m 57s

Writing Files

07m 34s

Transforming Files

05m 46s

Outbound File Gateway

05m 12s

Chapter: Integration With FTP

FTP Integration Chapter Overview

02m 0s

FTP Server Installation

03m 54s

FTP Account Setup

03m 5s

FTP Inbound Channel Adapter

08m 30s

FTP Outbound Channel Adapter

06m 53s

FTP Outbound Gateway

08m 39s

Chapter: JDBC Integration

JDBC Integration Chapter Overview

02m 56s

Database Setup

06m 52s

JDBC Inbound Channel Adapter

04m 55s

JDBC Outbound Channel Adapter

07m 6s

JDBC Outbound Gateway

05m 31s

Chapter: Integration With JMS

JMS Integration Chapter Overview

02m 8s

ActiveMQ Setup

04m 35s

JMS Configuration

06m 14s

JMS Outbound Channel Adapter

06m 11s

JMS Inbound Channel Adapter

05m 52s

JMS Message Driven Channel Adapter

03m 41s

JMS Inbound Gateway

07m 27s

JMS Outbound Gateway

10m 30s

Chapter: HTTP Integration

HTTP Integration Chapter Overview

01m 48s

HTTP Inbound Channel Adapter

07m 26s

HTTP Inbound Gateway

03m 50s

HTTP Outbound Channel Adapter

07m 4s

HTTP Outbound Gateway

04m 50s

Chapter: XML Tools

XML Support Chapter

03m 8s

XML Xpath Transformer

05m 37s

XML Xpath Header Enricher

03m 38s

XML Xpath Splitter

03m 18s

XML Xpath Filter

02m 43s

Chapter: Course Wrap Up

Course Wrap Up

03m 42s