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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 3s

About Andy

04m 16s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Cinemagraph Basics


00m 48s


02m 26s

Cinemagraph Examples

02m 15s

Working In Adobe Photoshop

02m 18s

Chapter: Creating Complex Cinemagraphs


00m 58s

Loading The Exercise Files

03m 59s

Trimming The Clip

02m 14s

Fine-Tuning The Clip

02m 58s

Creating The Mask

04m 18s

Fine-Tuning The Mask

02m 4s

Adjusting The Cinemagraph

03m 9s

Chapter: Additional Cinemagraph Considerations


01m 0s

Trimming Tips And Tricks

05m 41s

Creating Another Cinemagraph

06m 4s

Video Masking Techniques

05m 45s

Performing Adjustments On A Cinemagraph

02m 53s

Creating A Cinemagraph From Still Images

05m 22s

Working With The Unify And Tween Features

08m 10s

Saving A Cinemagraph

05m 21s

Converting A Cinemagraph To A Video Format

02m 52s

Chapter: Conclusion

Final Thoughts

01m 31s