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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

01m 16s

About Andy

04m 16s

Loading The Exercise Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Layer Effects


01m 6s

Working Non-Destructively

02m 19s

Using Global Light

02m 53s

Transforming & Effects

02m 24s

Controlling Layer Effects

03m 30s

Making Layer Effects Permanent

00m 59s

Saving Effect Presets

02m 4s

Chapter: Working With Shadows & Glows


01m 3s

Generating A Basic Drop Shadow

06m 50s

Cast Versus Drop Shadow

02m 35s

Effects And The Fill Option

03m 58s

Using The Knockout Option

02m 50s

Using The Satin Effect

03m 35s

Chapter: Working With Bevel & Emboss


00m 53s

Bevel & Emboss Basics

05m 57s

Generating Grunge Text

05m 52s

Writing In The Sand

06m 44s

Carving In Wood

03m 35s

Creating Liquid Metal

05m 18s

Creating Raindrops

08m 36s

Chapter: Overlay & Stroke Effects


00m 45s

Working With Color Overlay

03m 20s

Applying A Pattern Overlay

04m 33s

Using A Gradient Overlay

04m 10s

Working With The Stroke Effect

05m 59s

Applying Multiple Stroke Effects

02m 7s

Chapter: Additional Considerations


00m 40s

Layer Effects Wrap Up

04m 47s

Using Blend If

04m 56s

Final Thoughts

01m 26s