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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started


01m 15s

About Andy

04m 16s

Loading The Exercise Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Why Black & White


01m 10s

Black & White Versus Color

02m 2s

The Black & White Mindset

03m 29s

Chapter: The Lightroom Connection


01m 5s

Loading The Exercise Files

01m 34s

Prepping For The Move To Black & White

07m 32s

Creating A Black & White Mix With Tone

04m 17s

Non-Destructive Black & White Editing

04m 50s

Use Of Additional Tools

08m 44s

Saving Time With Presets

03m 1s

High Dynamic Range Black And White Images

05m 26s

Creating An Awesome Panorama

03m 5s

Chapter: Working In Photoshop


00m 53s

Utilizing Camera Raw

08m 29s

Working Smart With Smart Filters

02m 54s

Editing In Photoshop

09m 11s

The Wonderful World Of Adjustment Layers

06m 17s

Adding Control With Masks

05m 42s

Tonal Adjustment In Photoshop

03m 15s

Aging An Image

07m 51s

Chapter: Additional Considerations


00m 53s

Working Frames Into Image

06m 27s

Working With Movie Files

03m 49s

Sharing With The World

03m 26s

Creating The Perfect Workflow

03m 9s

Closing Thoughts

01m 39s