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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started


01m 21s

About The Author

04m 16s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Basics


01m 6s

After The Photo Is Taken

03m 24s

Developing A Good Workflow

05m 37s

Chapter: Working In Lightroom


00m 56s

Syncing Lightroom & Photoshop

07m 2s

Adding Images

06m 18s

Organizing Images

03m 12s

Efficient Search Techniques

03m 51s

Editing Images In Lightroom

05m 59s

How Lightroom Controls Editing

02m 57s

Moving Images From Lightroom

02m 36s

Creating A Lightroom Backup

03m 24s

Chapter: Working In Photoshop


00m 36s

Adding Photoshop To The Workflow

04m 2s

A Lightroom/Photoshop Workflow

02m 52s

Editing In Photoshop

03m 38s

Editing Tips & Tricks

04m 10s

Chapter: Using Mobile Apps For Editing


00m 50s

Adding Mobility To Your Workflow

04m 44s

Syncing Images With Lightroom Mobile

05m 27s

Final Thoughts

01m 23s