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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

The Course Overview

05m 27s

Why Choose Swift 2 over Objective-C?

05m 40s

Installing and Setting Up the XCode IDE

03m 35s

Beginning with Playgrounds

07m 7s

Chapter: Swift Basics

Variables and Constants

06m 26s

Control Flow and Conditional Statements

08m 45s

Functions and Closures

10m 23s


05m 23s


09m 42s

Arrays and Dictionaries

08m 45s


05m 10s


05m 28s

Chapter: Start Building the App

Setting Up Our Project

07m 34s

Defining the Structure of the iOS App

04m 7s

Building the User Interface

08m 29s

Installing and Setting Up the Dependency Manager CocoaPods

05m 48s

Chapter: Getting and Parsing the Data

Setting Up the RequestManager Class

05m 26s

Making the Web Request to Get Our Data

03m 58s

Parsing the JSON Using SwiftyJSON

03m 36s

Using Closures to Return the Data

04m 32s

Chapter: Displaying the Data and Details

The UITableViewController

06m 46s

Setting Up the Search Bar

04m 53s

Setting the Data for Each Cell in Code

06m 25s

Setting Up the DetailViewController Class

02m 51s

Passing the Selected Cell Data to Another Controller

04m 59s

Making Zoom in/out of the Photos

03m 51s

Searching Photos in the API

03m 17s

Chapter: Advanced Topics – Optimizing the App

Caching Photos

04m 42s

Making the Request on Demand

04m 59s

Adopting Error Handling for the Requests

06m 26s

Swift in Linux and the New Package Manager

03m 44s

Next Steps

04m 13s