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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction to the Course

01m 46s

Chapter: Introduction to Scala

Introduction to Scala

04m 22s

Installing Scala

09m 59s

Introduction to the REPL in Scala

12m 33s

Using a Worksheet in Scala

04m 35s

Chapter: Basic Syntax

Creating a Simple Class in Scala

11m 10s

Case Classes in Scala

09m 46s

Hello World in Scala

06m 2s

Strings in Scala

05m 58s

Scala's Type System

04m 16s

Functions in Scala

08m 45s

More About Functions in Scala

05m 26s

Val and Var in Scala

02m 56s

Expression Evaluation in Scala

06m 39s

Evaluation in Practice in Scala

04m 3s

Control Constructs in Scala

04m 51s

Default Arguments in Scala

05m 22s

Variable Arguments in Scala

03m 43s

Imports and Packages in Scala

06m 23s

Chapter: Scala and OO

Constructing Objects in Scala

05m 48s

Adding Other Members in Scala

05m 51s

Companion Objects in Scala

07m 54s

Scala and Inheritance

12m 33s

Chapter: Pattern Matching

What is Pattern Matching?

06m 42s

Basic Matching in Scala

07m 2s

Matching More than one Value in Scala

04m 18s

Patterns and Case Classes in Scala

07m 13s

Using Guards in Scala

04m 43s

Chapter: Testing

Testing in Scala

12m 26s

Chapter: Functional Matters

What is Functional Programming?

10m 13s

Defining and Using Lambdas in Scala

08m 55s

Using Functions as Data in Scala

02m 58s

Tail Recursion in Scala

13m 33s

Functions and Methods in Scala

05m 28s

More about Case Classes in Scala

02m 16s

Partial Functions in Scala

08m 6s

Chapter: Traits

Recap of Java Interfaces

04m 49s

Traditional Java Interfaces and Java 8 Interfaces

10m 9s

Defining and Using Traits

10m 5s

Chapter: Working with Collections

Introduction to Scala Collections

09m 25s

Mutable and Immutable Collections in Scala

03m 57s

Immutability and Lists in Scala

05m 54s

Basic Functional Operations in Scala

05m 2s

Introduction to Generics and Variance in Scala

10m 40s

Introduction to Lists in Scala

04m 30s

Building Lists in Scala

04m 1s

Fundamental List Operations in Scala

05m 59s

Lists and Pattern Matching in Scala

07m 6s

Flatten and FlatMap in Scala

02m 55s

Map and Filter in Scala

04m 29s

Combining Functional Operations in Scala

08m 26s

Using Collect in Scala

05m 21s

Using Fold in Scala

06m 57s

Using Reduce in Scala

03m 3s

Folding Examples in Scala

05m 21s

Working with Maps in Scala

07m 31s

For Comprehensions in Scala

14m 49s

Chapter: Nulls and Exceptions

What's Wrong with null?

06m 59s

Introducing Option in Scala

08m 47s

Option and flatMap in Scala

02m 2s

Exceptions in Scala

01m 38s

Introducing Try[T] in Scala

11m 12s

Chapter: Managing Concurrency

Introducing Scala Concurrency

04m 14s

Creating Futures in Scala

04m 51s

Working with Futures in Scala

05m 20s

Functional Futures in Scala

02m 30s

Futures and Promises in Scala

08m 44s

Chapter: Calling Scala from Java

Calling Scala from Java

11m 54s

Wrap Up and Conclusion

00m 34s