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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

01m 7s

About The Author

00m 51s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Introduction To The Firewall

ASA Hardware Models

04m 7s

CLI Basics Part - 1

06m 19s

CLI Basics Part - 2

05m 41s

Chapter: Basic Configuration

Interface Configuration

05m 37s

5505 Switchports

03m 6s

Security Levels

02m 49s

Same Security Level

04m 16s

The Course Lab Environment

04m 37s

Implementing Access Lists Part - 1

04m 24s

Implementing Access Lists Part - 2

05m 27s

Introduction To NAT

07m 48s

Fixup Protocol ICMP

03m 53s

Management Access Part - 1

06m 41s

Management Access Part - 2

06m 11s

Firewall Local DHCP Server

03m 23s

A Basic Firewall Configuration Part - 1

06m 48s

A Basic Firewall Configuration Part - 2

05m 37s

An Introduction To ASDM Part - 1

03m 46s

An Introduction To ASDM Part - 2

06m 42s

Chapter: Network Address Translation In Depth

Network Address Translation Part - 1

05m 56s

Network Address Translation Part - 2

04m 27s

Network Address Translation Part - 3

06m 40s

Network Address Translation Part - 4

08m 8s

NAT And Access Lists

02m 57s

Chapter: Anyconnect Client VPN Setup

Two Types Of VPN Connections

01m 31s

Two Types Of VPN Clients

02m 32s

SSL Certificates Part - 1

09m 59s

SSL Certificates Part - 2

06m 30s

Download Anyconnect Files From Cisco

04m 7s

Upload .Pkg Files To ASA

04m 45s

Default Licenses In ASA

06m 38s

Configuring The .Pkg-Files To Use

03m 32s

Activating Anyconnect (Enabling)

07m 33s

Logging And Debugging Anyconnect

05m 49s

Connecting But No Traffic Flow

03m 54s

Fix NAT To Make It Work

03m 27s

Internet Access Via The Tunnel

03m 50s

Split Tunneling

04m 58s

Making The User Select Connection Profile

05m 48s

VPN Filter

05m 25s

Client Profile Editor

06m 12s

LDAP Authentication Of Users

08m 4s

Dynamic Access Policies Part - 1

06m 23s

Dynamic Access Policies Part - 2

07m 58s

Chapter: IPSEC VPN

The Life Of An IPSEC-Tunnel

09m 36s

Information Needed

05m 6s

Configuring Phase 1 Parameters

10m 6s

Configuring Phase 2 Parameters

05m 0s

Proxy ACL And Crypto Map Configuration

04m 52s

Finalising The VPN Configuration

03m 55s

Testing The Tunnel

08m 22s

Modifying NAT To Make The Tunnel Work

11m 41s

Chapter: Troubleshooting Tools

Logging And Debugging

13m 11s

Packet Tracer

04m 35s

Packet Capture

08m 27s

Chapter: Advanced Topics

Transparent Mode

06m 16s

Multi Context

03m 45s


05m 22s

Trunks And Etherchannels

05m 22s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up And Thank You

01m 18s