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Table of Contents

Chapter: Head First into Angular 2

The Course Overview

03m 3s

The Root of All Things

08m 22s

To TypeScript or Not to TypeScript, That Is No Question

09m 18s

Chapter: It's All about Components

One-way Data Binding

09m 2s

Binding to Events

07m 38s

Creating Your Own Component

09m 26s

I/O – Component Data and Event Emitters

08m 10s

Content Projection

08m 58s


06m 47s

Chapter: Injectables and Providers

Built-in Services

05m 50s

Creating an Injectable

05m 36s

The Power of Providers

06m 41s

Hierarchy of Injectors

07m 7s

Testing a Service

09m 43s

Chapter: Routing through the App

Configuring the Router and Displaying Components

05m 11s

Routing with Parameters

03m 49s

Child Routing

06m 4s

Lifecycle Hooks

05m 53s

Chapter: Pipes

Built-in Pipes

05m 19s

Custom Pipes

06m 56s

Stay Pure

06m 8s

Asynchronous Piping

06m 26s

Chapter: Fun with Forms

Go Full Template

07m 42s

When the Model Gets Involved

08m 15s

Validating Plenty

08m 30s

Chapter: We Live in an Asynchronous World

Keep Your Promises

10m 4s

The Power of Observables

08m 14s