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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

The Course Overview

10m 8s

Installing SFML Library

09m 37s

Setting Up the Project

08m 21s

Chapter: Investigating SFML

Discovering the System Module

11m 22s

Discovering the Window Module

16m 11s

Discovering the Graphics Module

13m 11s

Chapter: Shaping the Game

The Game Loop

09m 31s

The Game States

14m 37s

Implementing the Navigation

13m 51s

Modeling Entities

17m 59s

Animating Characters

13m 25s

Chapter: Creating the Maze

Rendering the Maze

15m 3s

Adding the Navigation Logic

24m 30s

Enhancing the Maze Visual

07m 5s

Scrolling with a Camera

06m 56s

Chapter: Adding the Gameplay

Writing an Artificial Intelligence

16m 3s

Collecting Dots and Bonuses

07m 54s

Displaying the HUD

07m 3s

Adding Levels and Score

15m 52s