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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Overview Of Functional Programming In Java

04m 58s

About Me

01m 26s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: The Basics: Lambda Functions, Method References, And Constructor References

Introduction To Lambdas: A First Code Example

05m 58s

Lambda Exercise: What Will The Java Compiler Accept In The First Code Example?

03m 38s

Lambda Exercise Assessment

04m 59s

Lambdas As Arguments In Higher-Order Functions

05m 14s

Cleaner Java Code Through Lambdas: An Event-Handling Example

04m 47s

Cleaner Java Code Through Lambdas: A Sorting Example

05m 20s

Wrapup Of Lambda Basics

05m 6s

Method And Constructor References

08m 43s

Wrapup Of Java's New 'Functional Programming' Constructs

06m 20s

Chapter: Functional Programming And The Streams API

What Are Streams And Why Are They So Conducive To Functional Programming?

06m 17s

Short Code Examples With Streams

06m 56s

Code Examples To Reduce, Collect, And Group Streamed Data

06m 54s

An Exercise Using The Treemap

07m 17s

Assessment Of The Treemap Exercise

04m 59s

Parallel Streams In Functional Programming

09m 29s

Overview Of The Map/Reduce Programming Model

05m 30s

A Map/Reduce Code Example

07m 55s

Predicates And Streams

07m 42s

Wrapup Of Functional Programming With Streams

05m 11s

A Code Review Of Functional Programming With Streams

07m 29s

Chapter: Richer Code Examples

Overview Of The Customer Application

04m 30s

Analysis Of The Customer Application Code 1

06m 38s

Analysis Of The Customer Application Code 2

07m 1s

An Exercise Using Filters And Collectors

04m 5s

Assessment Of The Filters/Collectors Exercise

06m 10s

More On Functional Interfaces

04m 17s

A Code Example For The Bifunction Interface

06m 31s

The Supplier And Consumer Interfaces

05m 6s

The Message Application: Suppliers, Consumers, And Object Factories

06m 53s

Composing Functions: The Compose And Andthen Methods

05m 8s

Wrapup Of Functional Interfaces

04m 43s

Chapter: Selected Advanced Features

Is A Java Lambda A 'Closure'?

08m 13s

A Code Example For Lambdas As Closures

05m 2s

Currying With Lambdas

07m 21s

Imperative And Functional Programming Styles

06m 27s

A Code Example To Contrast Imperative And Functional Programming

09m 0s

Chapter: Conclusion


03m 16s