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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

02m 52s

About The Author

01m 55s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Automation 101

Introduction To Automation

02m 47s

Adventures With Servers

06m 37s

Being A Good Systems Caretaker

06m 3s

What Is A Queue?

02m 31s

What Is A Consumer? What Is A Producer?

01m 59s

Chapter: Easy Task Processing With Celery

Why Celery?

01m 48s

Celery Architecture & Set Up

05m 25s

Writing Your First Tasks

07m 48s

Deploying Your Tasks

06m 8s

Scaling Your Workers

08m 52s

Monitoring With Flower

05m 5s

Advanced Celery Features

06m 0s

Chapter: Scaling Data Analysis With Dask

Why Dask?

03m 1s

First Steps With Dask

10m 8s

Dask Bags

10m 18s

Dask Distributed

09m 58s

Chapter: Data Pipelines With Luigi & Airflow

What Are Data Pipelines? What Is Dag?

02m 36s

Luigi And Airflow: A Comparison

05m 49s

First Steps With Luigi

07m 12s

More Complex Luigi Tasks

09m 16s

Introduction To Hadoop

08m 21s

First Steps With Airflow

08m 7s

Custom Tasks With Airflow

09m 15s

Advanced Airflow: Subdags And Branches

11m 17s

Using Luigi With Hadoop

10m 15s

Chapter: Other Workflow Frameworks

Apache Spark

08m 28s

Apache Spark Streaming

06m 31s

Django Channels

09m 38s

And Many More

05m 59s

Chapter: Testing With Pipelines

Introduction To Testing With Python

07m 24s

Property-Based Testing With Hypothesis

06m 8s

Chapter: Conclusion

What's Next?

03m 57s