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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

02m 36s

About The Author

02m 6s

Course Overview

05m 46s

Current Context

08m 14s

Introduction To SQL

07m 20s

Introduction To R

08m 30s

Software Installation

06m 42s

Rstudio Overview

05m 39s

R Packages

07m 42s

The Relationship Between R And SQL

10m 43s

Demo Application And Database Schema Overview

04m 15s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: SQL With Single Table Results Sets

Relational Theory Review

08m 35s

Results Sets

07m 17s

Processing Results Sets With R

08m 33s

Filtering And Ordering With SQL

06m 58s

Grouping And Summarizing SQL

06m 2s

Modify Results Using SQL Functions

08m 29s

Chapter: SQL With Multiple Tables

Common Database Joins

10m 15s

Less-Common Joins

04m 52s


08m 13s

Set Operations

04m 50s

DBA Considerations

09m 0s

Table-Like Objects

06m 24s


06m 8s

Chapter: R Packages And SQL-Like Results Set Processing

SQL Results Set And Tidy Data

06m 52s

Processing Results Sets With R Vs SQL

08m 54s

Filtering And Ordering With Dplyr Vs. SQL

08m 20s

Grouping And Summarizing With Dplyr Vs. SQL

06m 2s

Modify Results Using Dplyr And R Functions

07m 9s

Joins Using Dplyr

06m 22s

Set Operations Using Dplyr

04m 1s

Reshape Package

05m 49s

RTidy Package

04m 31s

Chapter: Data Artifacts Using SQL And R

Plotting Database Results With R

09m 14s

Plots Using Base R Plots

08m 22s

Plots Using Lattice

06m 53s

Plots Using ggplot2

09m 36s

Plotting Time Series Data

08m 24s

Creating Maps With R

07m 32s

Creating Reports With R

08m 59s

Web Applications With R

06m 54s

Chapter: Data Sources And Connections

Sample Data Sets

06m 30s

Database File Exports/Imports

06m 47s

Local Relational Databases (RSQLite)

07m 0s

Non-Relational Data Sources

08m 6s

Remote Connections

04m 32s

Troubleshooting Remote Connections

04m 38s

JDBC Client Software

05m 32s

Chapter: Additional Topics

Derived Tables

07m 23s

Vendor Specific SQL

08m 51s

Non-SQL Inspired/SQL-Like Languages

05m 55s

R Inside The Database

04m 52s

Schema Design Considerations

08m 6s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up And Thank You

02m 10s