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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

About this Course

01m 58s

Terms and Ideas

28m 13s


23m 56s

Chapter: Computer Virtualization


14m 44s

Why Virtualize?

29m 2s

The Virtualization Market and Some Predictions

13m 53s

Desktop / Hosted Virtualization

10m 24s

VM States and Files

10m 18s

Desktop / Hosted Virtualization: Demo

13m 40s

Server Virtualization

05m 34s

Bare Metal Hypervisors

17m 38s

Bare Metal Hypervisors (ESXi): Demo

22m 24s

VM Management: Some Best Practices

20m 46s

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

18m 15s

Containers and Docker

12m 4s

The Docker Demo

10m 38s

Chapter: Network Virtualization

VLANS and Trunks: Review

14m 32s

Demo: Extending Our Bare Metal Hypervisor Topology

19m 3s

Link Aggregation: Review

09m 33s

VLANs and Trunks: Demonstration

20m 15s

Network Virtualization and Virtual Networkalization

16m 39s

Software Defined Networking

15m 25s

Chapter: Storage

Storage Terms and Architectures

15m 3s

Storage Networking

12m 49s


11m 47s

iSCSI: Demonstration

27m 8s

Chapter: Integration and Conclusion

Full Stack Review and Demo

07m 46s