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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

02m 1s

About The Author

01m 24s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Game Art

Game Art, What?

03m 7s

Game Art, Crate!

02m 48s

Game Art, How?

06m 15s

Game Art, Who?

06m 2s

Chapter: Drawing Is Difficult

I Can't Draw!

04m 14s

Get Comfortable

06m 10s

The Eye And The Brain

06m 42s

Chapter: Draw!

Get A Life! Drawing - 1

05m 35s

Get A Life! Drawing - 2

07m 49s

Hidden Geometry - 1

04m 45s

Hidden Geometry - 2

05m 41s

Designing With Geometry

04m 13s

Beyond The Basics

06m 0s

Chapter: Our First Asset

Why Do We Want It?

03m 12s

Visual Style

06m 6s

How Do We Want It?

05m 22s

Making A Thing - 1

08m 32s

Making A Thing - 2

12m 40s

Chapter: Draw Better

Intermediate Digital Painting

07m 34s

Seeing Light

08m 40s

Coloring In

10m 52s

Putting It Together - 1

10m 22s

Putting It Together - 2

08m 6s

Chapter: Draw Clearer

Mind Control For Beginners

04m 22s

Designing For Readability

05m 12s

Controlling Focus

07m 38s

True Mind Control

06m 19s

Chapter: Animation

Bring It To Life!

08m 29s

Planning For Animation

08m 9s

Getting Animation Up And Running

05m 45s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up And Thank You

01m 9s