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Table of Contents

Chapter: Part 1: Introduction


01m 21s

Welcome to the Course

03m 52s

Overview of the 10 Best Practices for Building Software Teams

07m 24s

Chapter: Part 2: Goal-Question-Metric

Deriving Metrics from Your Measurement Goals

07m 26s

Chapter: Part 3: Definition of Done

Defining What 'Done' Means

06m 36s

Chapter: Part 4: Version Control

Controlling Your Code Versions and Development Branches

09m 38s

A Simple Webapp Under Version Control

04m 22s

Chapter: Part 5: Control DTAP

Separating Concerns with Different Environments

11m 40s

Introducing a DTAP Street for Our Web Application

08m 17s

Chapter: Part 6: Automate Tests

The Importance of Test Automation

15m 1s

Reporting on Test Coverage

10m 57s

Chapter: Part 7: Continuous Integration

Building and Testing Your Code without Manual Effort

10m 1s

Setting Up a CI Server

09m 14s

Chapter: Part 8: Automate Deployment

Deploying with a Single Push on the Button

07m 55s

From Commit to Live in Minutes

09m 49s

Chapter: Part 9: Standardization

Setting the Right Standards

11m 30s

What's the Quality of our Web App?

09m 24s

Chapter: Part 10: Third Party Code

Using Third-Party Components Instead of Reinventing the Wheel

09m 18s

Chapter: Part 11: Documentation

Writing the Proper Amount of Documentation

07m 0s

Chapter: Part 12: Next Steps

What's Next?

02m 37s