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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

04m 54s

Installing R

03m 45s

Installing RStudio

04m 35s

Installing Packages

04m 50s

Chapter: Working with Vectors

Data Types and Data Structures

03m 4s


05m 43s

Random Numbers, Rounding, and Binning

04m 0s

Missing Values

02m 46s

The which() Operator

03m 11s

Chapter: R Essentials


04m 34s

Set Operations

02m 8s

Sampling and Sorting

02m 52s

Check Conditions

02m 17s

For Loops

02m 34s

Chapter: Dataframes and Matrices


08m 30s

Importing and Exporting Data

06m 29s

Matrices and Frequency Tables

03m 41s

Merging Dataframes

02m 26s


02m 48s

Melting and Cross Tabulations with dcast()

03m 58s

Chapter: Core Programming


05m 35s

String Manipulation

05m 14s


05m 34s

Debugging and Error Handling

04m 29s

Fast Loops with apply()

04m 26s

Fast Loops with sapply(), lapply() and vapply()

01m 59s

Chapter: Making Plots with Base Graphics

Creating and Customizing an R Plot

07m 3s

Drawing Plots with 2 Y Axes

02m 23s

Multiplots and Custom Layouts

03m 7s

Creating Basic Graph Types

04m 47s

Chapter: Statistical Inference

Univariate Analysis

06m 16s

Normal Distribution, Central Limit Theorem, and Confidence Intervals

05m 32s

Correlation and Covariance

03m 3s

Chi-sq Statistic

04m 42s


04m 54s

Statistical Tests

05m 14s

Chapter: R Very Own Project

Project 1 – Data Munging and Summarizing

11m 31s

Project 2 – Visualization with Base Graphics

05m 42s

Project 3 – Statistical Inference

03m 50s

Chapter: DPlyR and Pipes

Pipes with Magrittr

05m 21s

The 7 Data Manipulation Verbs

05m 19s

Aggregation and Special Functions

03m 36s

Two Table Verbs

02m 42s

Working With Databases

05m 30s

Chapter: data.table

Understanding Basics, Filter, and Select

07m 34s

Understanding Syntax, Creating and Updating Columns

04m 6s

Aggregating Data, .N, and .I

04m 20s

Chaining, Functions, and .SD

04m 17s

Fast Loops with set(), Keys, and Joins

09m 12s