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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 7s

About The Author

00m 50s

What Will Be Covered

03m 30s

Vulnerable Systems

02m 58s


03m 8s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Getting Started

Metasploit Overview

02m 47s

Obtaining Metasploit

03m 24s

Installing Metasploit

02m 49s

Metasploit On Kali Linux

02m 26s

Taking A Spin Around The Web Interface

03m 33s

A Quick Look At Armitage

02m 28s

Integration With Nexpose

02m 14s

Checking Database Connection

01m 52s

Configuring Database On Kali Linux

03m 3s


01m 53s

Exploits, Auxiliaries And Options

03m 10s


03m 23s

Locating Metasploit Files

03m 14s

Chapter: Performing Reconnaissance

Nmap Scanning

02m 23s

Using Nmap In Metasploit

03m 21s

Using Nmap Scripts

03m 1s

Importing Nmap Scans

02m 36s

Identifying Hosts And Services In Database

02m 17s

Idle Scanning With Metasploit

04m 25s

SYN Scanning With Metasploit

03m 22s

Auxiliary Scanning Modules

02m 36s

Service Scanning (SMB)

03m 31s

Service Scanning (MSSQL)

03m 47s

Service Scanning (SSH)

03m 38s

Scanning From The Web Interface

02m 16s

Chapter: Vulnerability Identification

Importing From Nexpose

02m 6s

Importing From Nessus

01m 53s

Open Service Scanning (SMB)

03m 45s

Open Service Scanning (VNC)

02m 38s

Other Scanning Modules

03m 46s

Using The Database For Identification

02m 52s

Vulnerabilities With The Web

03m 38s

Chapter: Exploitation

Using An Exploit

02m 37s


03m 40s

Exploiting The Target

04m 35s

Using Meterpreter

03m 36s


05m 5s

Collecting Data From The Target

02m 50s

Adding Users

01m 3s

Screenshots And Keystrokes

02m 36s

Passing The Hash

03m 40s

Client-Side Exploitation

02m 33s

Fun With Browsers

05m 27s

Standalone Attacks And Handlers

03m 36s

Anti-Virus Evasion - Using Encoding

02m 20s

File Formatting Attacks

02m 32s

Fuzzing Attacks

02m 16s

Attacks From Armitage

03m 57s

Chapter: Extending Metasploit

A Bit About Ruby

02m 45s

Investigating Existing Scripts

03m 55s

Using The Framework

02m 59s

Creating An Auxiliary Module

02m 42s

Creating An Exploit Module

04m 3s

Locating Your Module In Metasploit

01m 11s

Your Module In Action

01m 44s

Chapter: Social Engineering With Metasploit

The Social Engineer's Toolkit

02m 27s

Creating Phishing Attacks

04m 51s

Investigating The Phishing Attack

02m 29s

Site Cloning

03m 20s

Investing The Site Clone Attack

03m 21s

Payloads And Handlers

02m 51s

Chapter: Conclusion

What We Covered

03m 20s

Wrapping Up

01m 19s