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Table of Contents

Chapter: Recollecting Docker Basics

The Course Overview

04m 0s

Recollecting Docker Concepts

07m 33s

Docker CLI Commands

10m 48s

Scripting Primer

10m 42s

Chapter: Composing Services

Composing Primer

10m 8s

Deploying Composed Services

14m 13s

Single Host Scaling

03m 58s

Chapter: Docker Networking

Bridge Networks

11m 25s

Multi-host Networks

03m 9s

Service Discovery

08m 26s

Designing Infrastructure of the Social Network

08m 4s

Chapter: Creating a Container Swarm

Swarm Basics

14m 53s

Swarm on AWS

07m 10s

Chapter: Container Management at Scale

Introduction to Managed Cluster

06m 13s


08m 54s

Marathon / Mesos

11m 41s

Chapter: Docker Security

Attack Vectors

07m 30s

Docker Bench for Security

05m 48s

Notary and Content Security

05m 3s

Chapter: Docker Plugins and Drivers

Logging Drivers

05m 5s

Volume Plugins

04m 41s

Network Plugins

04m 44s

Chapter: Best Practices and Ecosystem Tools

Keeping the Garden Pruned

09m 38s

Ecosystem Tools

04m 25s


03m 36s