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Table of Contents

Chapter: CreateJS

The Course Overview

01m 56s

CreateJS Overview

06m 44s

Playing Sounds in Various Browsers Using SoundJS

03m 46s

Tweening Objects Using TweenJS

06m 11s

Loading Graphic Assets Using PreloadJS

07m 38s

Chapter: Game Outline

Creating the Graphic Assets

04m 30s

Creating Basic Animations

03m 39s

Game Stage Creation and Object Positioning

05m 6s

Chapter: Game Logic Part 1

Game Logic Overview

01m 45s

Adding the Basic Game Logic – Part 1

06m 19s

Adding the Basic Game Logic – Part 2

04m 39s

Adding the Game Physics – Part 1

08m 20s

Adding the Game Physics – Part 2

05m 58s

Adding the Game Physics – Part 3

07m 42s

Creating the Scoring System

07m 17s

Chapter: Game Logic Part 2

Adding Mouse Controls

07m 40s

Adding Keyboard Controls

08m 45s

Mobile Support

03m 11s

WebStorage – Saving the Game Data

07m 11s

Chapter: Testing/Debugging the Game

Chrome Developer Console Overview

06m 27s

Debugging with Breakpoints in Chrome

03m 7s

Firefox Debugging

02m 45s

Debugging on Android

02m 42s

Debugging on iOS

03m 16s

Chapter: Wrapping Up

Common Errors

07m 7s


02m 47s

Additional References and Wrapping Up

03m 45s