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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Data Mining

The Course Overview

03m 55s

A Brief Introduction to Data Mining

04m 37s

Data Mining Basic Concepts and Applications

07m 5s

Chapter: Setting Up the Data Mining Python Packages Environment

Why Python?

03m 31s

Basics of Python

05m 55s

Installing IPython

02m 9s

Installing the Numpy Library

04m 32s

Installing the pandas Library

05m 32s

Installing Matplotlib

02m 42s

Installing scikit-learn

02m 37s

Chapter: Cleaning Data and Preprocessing Techniques

Data Cleaning

05m 31s

Data Preprocessing Techniques

05m 8s

Chapter: Linear Regression Model

Linear Regression Basic Model Approach

08m 23s

Evaluating Regression Models

05m 31s

Basic Regression Model Implementation to Predict House Prices

09m 20s

Regression Model Implementation to Predict Television Show Viewers

09m 46s

Chapter: Classification Concepts

Logistic Regression

04m 1s

K – Nearest Neighbors Classifier

05m 51s

Support Vector Machine

05m 41s

Logistic Regression Model Implementation

10m 45s

K – Nearest Neighbor Classifier Implementation

10m 43s