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Table of Contents

Chapter: Descriptive Statistics

The Course Overview

02m 38s

CSV Files

11m 32s

Data Range

05m 2s

Data Mean and Standard Deviation

06m 51s

Data Median

05m 43s

Data Mode

06m 2s

Chapter: SQLite3

SQLite3 Command Line

09m 25s

Data Range

06m 39s

Slices of Data

06m 56s

SQLite3 and Descriptive Statistics

09m 36s

Chapter: Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions – Dot and Pipe

06m 51s

SQLite3 and Descriptive Statistics

07m 29s

Character Classes

07m 40s

Regular Expressions in CSV files

06m 15s

SQLite3 and Regular Expressions

06m 40s

Chapter: Visualizations

Line Plots of a Single Variable

08m 37s

Plotting a Moving Average

06m 54s

Publication – Ready Plots

07m 22s

Feature Scaling

05m 38s

Scatter Plots

05m 49s

Chapter: Kernel Density Estimation

What Is Normal Distribution?

10m 26s

Kernel Density Estimation

06m 41s

Application of the KDE

09m 22s

Chapter: Course Review

CSV Variations to SQLite3

08m 39s

SQLite3 SELECT and Descriptive Stats

06m 18s


05m 24s


11m 51s