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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setting Up Your Environment

The Course Overview

05m 43s

Installing Tools

03m 30s

Basic Transpiling

03m 43s

Browser Support

04m 4s

Chapter: ES6 Basics

Setting Up a Sample Application

04m 7s

let Versus var Versus const

03m 11s

Using an Arrow

04m 14s

Chapter: Classes and Modules

Classes Versus Prototypes

03m 48s


03m 43s


04m 29s

Chapter: More Advanced Features

Collection Types

04m 50s

Destructuring Assignment

03m 1s

Template Literals and Symbols

03m 10s

Chapter: Iterators and Generators

Generator Functions

04m 37s


03m 13s


03m 18s

Chapter: Promises

Reading a File

04m 32s

Parallel Processing

03m 20s

Promises by core.js

03m 45s

Chapter: ES Experimental

ES Proposals Flow

04m 0s

Some Experimental Examples

04m 27s

Async Await in Practice

05m 9s

Chapter: References and Tooling

Type Checking JavaScript

05m 18s

ES6 Overview and References

07m 36s