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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to EL

The Course Overview

03m 39s

EL Syntax

09m 31s

Value and Method Expressions

14m 31s

EL Resolvers

15m 20s

Chapter: EL 3.0

Working with EL 3.0 Operators

04m 29s

EL Lambda Expressions

05m 28s

Working with Collection Objects

06m 1s

Chapter: Passing and Getting Parameters

Context, Request, and View Parameters

25m 26s

Passing Parameters Using Flash Scope

11m 28s

Passing Attributes via <f:attribute/>

09m 16s

Chapter: Actions, Cookies, and Hidden Fields

Calling Actions on GET Requests

08m 56s

Setting Property Values via Action Listeners

05m 47s

Sending Data Through Cookies

11m 44s

Sending Data Through Hidden Fields

06m 32s

Chapter: Managed Bean Communication

Injecting a Managed Bean into Another Managed Bean

10m 40s

Communication between Managed Beans Using the Application/Session Map

03m 42s

Accessing Managed Beans Programmatically

06m 23s