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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Analyzing Big Data

  2. Chapter 2 Introduction to Data Analysis with Scala and Spark

  3. Chapter 3 Recommending Music and the Audioscrobbler Data Set

  4. Chapter 4 Predicting Forest Cover with Decision Trees

  5. Chapter 5 Anomaly Detection in Network Traffic with K-means Clustering

  6. Chapter 6 Understanding Wikipedia with Latent Semantic Analysis

  7. Chapter 7 Analyzing Co-occurrence Networks with GraphX

  8. Chapter 8 Geospatial and Temporal Data Analysis on the New York City Taxi Trip Data

  9. Chapter 9 Estimating Financial Risk through Monte Carlo Simulation

  10. Chapter 10 Analyzing Genomics Data and the BDG Project

  11. Chapter 11 Analyzing Neuroimaging Data with PySpark and Thunder