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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Overview Of Database Basics Using Java

03m 6s

About Me

01m 39s

Software Requirements And Installation

05m 48s

Database Flavors And Systems

08m 33s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: JDBC As The Fundamental Java API

JDBC Basics

06m 40s

Overview Of The recClub Database

05m 5s

Code Analysis 1 For The recClub App

08m 25s

Code Analysis 2 For The recClub App

10m 55s

How To Compile And Run The Code Examples

06m 35s

Select Queries Overview

07m 2s

Code Analysis 1 For The Select App

06m 40s

Code Analysis 2 For The Select App

11m 57s

Programming Exercise For Select Queries

03m 37s

Assessment Of The Select Queries Exercise

03m 42s

SQLite3 Client In Detail

08m 24s

Overview Of Webifying A JDBC App

05m 2s

A Sample Web App With JDBC

05m 27s

More On The CRUD Operations In JDBC

07m 28s

JDBC And Related APIs

06m 7s

Wrapup Of JDBC And SQL Basics

06m 2s

Chapter: Table Design

Data Definition Language (DDL) And Data Manipulation Language (DML)

06m 8s

Table Normalization: Overview And Motivation

09m 2s

Normalization Basics 1

08m 0s

Normalization Basics 2

04m 34s

More On Join Operations 1

06m 17s

More On Join Operations 2

06m 27s

More On Join Operations 3

06m 29s

Indexing And Pattern-Based Searching

07m 14s

Wrapup Of Normalization And Joins

06m 39s

Chapter: SQL Beyond The Basics

Transactions: The Acid Properties

07m 5s

Transaction Code Analysis 1

06m 10s

Transaction Code Analysis 2

04m 36s

Transaction Programming Exercise

03m 54s

Assessment Of The Transaction Code Example

08m 7s

Data Hierarchies In A Relational Database

06m 18s

Data Hierarchy Code Analysis

07m 49s


07m 9s

Wrapup Of Transactions And Triggers

04m 58s

Chapter: JPA As The Java ORM API


06m 19s

JPA Code Example Overview

05m 47s

JPA Code Analysis 1

08m 35s

JPA Code Analysis 2

09m 19s

Another JPA Code Example

12m 15s

JPA Programming Exercise

06m 46s

The recClub Database In JPA

11m 23s

Wrapup Of JPA Basics

05m 25s

Chapter: From SQLite3 To PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL Installation And Setup

05m 15s

A First App Against PostgreSQL

08m 3s

Database Relationships: Overview

06m 17s

EMP-DEPT Code Analysis 1

06m 19s

EMP-DEPT Code Analysis 2

08m 34s

Wrapup Of JPA With PostgreSQL

04m 28s

Chapter: From Relational To NoSQL Database Systems

NoSQL Databases: Overview And Motivation

06m 9s

MongoDB: Installation And Setup

03m 45s

MongoDB Code Example 1

05m 7s

MongoDB Code Example 2

04m 9s

Porting The recClub Database To MongoDB

06m 37s

MongoDB Under The Hood

06m 28s

MongoDB Queries Example

07m 51s

Wrapup Of NoSQL And MongoDB

05m 47s

Chapter: Course Wrapup

Wrapup Of The Database Systems And APIs

05m 34s