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Table of Contents

Chapter: Seeing Results

The Course Overview

03m 12s

Making a UI Out of Components

04m 23s

Setting Up

04m 29s

Building Your First Component

03m 51s

Using a Model

04m 18s

Injecting Dependencies

06m 19s

Chapter: Constructing a Workflow

Using Gulp to Drive Your Build

04m 12s

Looking over gulpfile.js

04m 7s

Chapter: Focusing on Angular 2

Putting Up a Page

05m 16s

Using Core Directives

06m 43s

Handling Forms

06m 1s

Calling APIs

05m 52s

Chapter: Upgrading Your Components

Learning Advanced Components 1

04m 4s

Learning Advanced Components 2

05m 15s

Advanced Templates and Pipes

05m 20s

Routing in Angular 2

06m 12s

Advanced Routing

06m 56s

Chapter: Building It Bigger

Structuring an SPA

05m 51s

Handling Errors

04m 55s

Securing Your Application

05m 40s

Chapter: Testing Your Work


04m 50s

Testing the Pieces

05m 59s

Testing the Pieces (Continued)

06m 2s

Chapter: Deploying and Advanced Topics

Integrating Continuously

04m 46s

Putting CI into Practice

05m 20s


06m 42s


05m 8s

Living Virtually

05m 33s