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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Node.js

The Course Overview

03m 20s

Installing Node on Linux

04m 9s

Installing Node on Windows

03m 8s

Installing Node on Mac OS

02m 56s

Writing Your First Node App

05m 10s

Chapter: Server-side Development with Node.js

Creating a Simple Web Server

04m 17s

Using NPM to Install Libraries

03m 35s

Scaffolding an Express.js Web App

03m 19s

Understanding Routes and Actions

05m 7s

Serving HTTP Responses

04m 58s

Chapter: Deep Dive into Express.js

Middleware and Serving Static Files

06m 12s

Using Template Engine – Jade

03m 55s

Using Template Engine – EJS

04m 24s

Adding Responsiveness with Bootstrap

05m 24s

Handling Parameters

05m 57s

Chapter: Asynchronous Programming

Introducing the Event Loop

05m 4s

Understanding callbacks and Error-First Pattern

05m 46s

Using async.js Library

03m 17s

Using promises

04m 5s

Chapter: Developing an API Server

Making AJAX calls

05m 1s

Building RESTful Web Services

05m 52s

Developing REST APIs

04m 43s

Mocking Up CRUD

08m 8s

Testing APIs with cURL

03m 42s

Chapter: CRUD with MySQL

Setting Things Up

06m 29s

Connecting to MySQL

04m 51s

Providing REST APIs

06m 54s

Linking Up the Client

05m 27s

Finishing Touch

05m 29s

Chapter: CRUD with MongoDB

Preparing MongoDB

04m 28s

Using Mongoose

05m 0s

Implementing Auto-increment Counter

05m 18s

Creating Version 2 REST APIs

04m 15s

Chapter: Deploying to Production

Adding Configuration

06m 49s

Scaling out with a Cluster

03m 41s

Adding Performance Monitoring

04m 29s

What's Next?

03m 58s