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Table of Contents

Chapter: Downloading and Installing Unity

Course Overview

03m 1s

Downloading Unity

04m 6s

The Download Archive

02m 47s

Installing Unity

03m 10s

Chapter: Unity Interface and Navigation Tools

Creating New Projects

05m 3s

User Interface Basics

07m 24s

The Asset Store

08m 3s

Exploring the Example Project

04m 50s

Viewport Navigation

08m 55s

Chapter: Assets, GameObjects, and Level Design

Creating GameObjects

07m 16s

Prototyping Assets

05m 32s

Object Manipulation

09m 2s

Global and Local Space

05m 51s

Object Hierarchies

06m 37s

Import Custom Assets

05m 44s

Exporting Mesh Assets from Blender

06m 45s

Chapter: Playing Games and Component Based Design

Maximization Trick

03m 7s

Using the Game Tab for Play-Testing

05m 37s

Play Mode Versus Edit Mode

05m 39s

Component Based Design

06m 25s

Building a Custom Object

06m 47s

Chapter: Creating a Coin Collection Game

Creating Unity Project

04m 3s

Exploring the Project Folder

03m 46s

Establishing a Level Floor

07m 50s

Project Organization

03m 59s

Creating World Bounds

07m 10s

Level Design

08m 54s

Starting a Coin Object

05m 38s

Creating a Coin Material

04m 31s

Chapter: Creating a Coin Collection Game (Continued)

Working with Prefabs

05m 47s

Working with Prefabs

05m 56s

Getting Started with Scripting

05m 25s

MonoDevelop and Script Attaching

06m 29s

Object Tagging

04m 24s

Exploring the CountDown Script

06m 35s

Creating Spinning Coins

03m 51s

Using Particle Systems

05m 47s