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Table of Contents

Chapter: Creating New Files and Custom Page Sizes

The Course Overview

04m 42s

Creating a New File

03m 15s

Creating a New Multiple Page File

03m 16s

Using Cover Pages

02m 26s

Adding Story Titles, Author Name, and Folio Information

03m 47s

Chapter: Making Custom Page Sizes and Templates

Making Custom Page Sizes

04m 3s

Applying Framing Templates

01m 47s

Creating and Applying a Cover Template

04m 35s

Chapter: Using the Page Manager and Editors

Accessing the Page Manager

02m 5s

Rearranging and Deleting Pages

04m 38s

Editing Basic Page Settings and Basic Work Settings

02m 29s

Chapter: Creating Panels

Quirk Panels Using Material Templates

02m 32s

Using the Rectangle and Polyline Frame Tools

07m 6s

Using the Frame Border Pen

01m 19s

Editing Panels Using the Divide Frame Folder and Divide Frame Border Tools

03m 47s

Resizing and Editing Existing Panels

03m 12s

Chapter: Managing Text

Adding Text Via the Story Editor

04m 59s

Adding Text Using the Text Tool

04m 15s

Searching and Replacing in Entered Text

02m 15s

Creating Word Balloons Using the Word Balloon Tools

07m 10s

Using Materials to Create Word Balloons

04m 50s

Chapter: Exporting Your Work

Exporting for Print

03m 17s

Adjusting Image Quality, File Size, and Dimensions

04m 26s

Exporting for the Web

03m 6s

Using Batch Export

03m 11s