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Table of Contents

Chapter: .Net Overview

The Course Overview

01m 51s

Explaining .Net

02m 37s

Common Language Runtime (CLR) and Framework Class Library (FCL)

03m 58s

The Compiler

09m 20s

Chapter: What's New in .NET Framework 4.6?

Cryptography – Support for X509 Certificates Containing ECDSA

02m 49s


03m 13s

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)

03m 59s

Profiling and Native Image Generator

04m 25s

Chapter: What's New with Visual Studio 2015?

New Lightbulb

03m 58s


02m 41s

Debugging Improvements

08m 48s

Chapter: What's New with C# 6?

Using static

03m 30s

Expression-bodied Function Members

06m 14s


01m 57s

Null-conditional Operators

07m 42s

String Interpolation

04m 36s

nameOf Expressions

03m 9s

Index Initializers

03m 56s

Exception Filters

03m 40s

Await in catch and finally Blocks

08m 28s

Extension Add Methods in Collection Initializers

06m 19s

Chapter: Building a Mortgage Calculator with WPF and C#

Building Calculator UI

10m 25s

Writing the Calculator Logic

12m 32s

Cleaning Up/Refactoring

03m 28s


04m 42s


07m 18s

Lambdas and Linq

05m 16s

SQL Versus NoSQL

04m 39s

Chapter: Deployment and Hosting

.Net Core and Cross Platform

11m 43s

GitHub Code Hosting

16m 47s

Best Approaches to Coding and Keeping Up with C# and .Net

04m 44s