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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

03m 59s

Introduction to React and React Native

09m 45s

Installation (Mac)

05m 36s

Installation (Windows)

07m 3s

Verifying Installation

08m 20s

Environment Setup for Sublime Text

07m 38s

Chapter: RelaxationStation App

Starting the RelaxationStation App

06m 3s

Basic React Native Code Structures and Organization

03m 30s

Adding and Styling Components

06m 30s

Adding Buttons and Images

06m 8s

Custom Components and Props

07m 14s

Navigation in React Native

07m 36s

Static Data and Properties

05m 56s

Intermediate Styling Techniques

06m 12s

Flexbox and Application State

09m 29s

Animations with LayoutAnimation

06m 17s

Chapter: BeBriefed App

Starting the BeBriefed App

04m 4s

Pulling in Third-party Libraries

06m 44s

Debugging Techniques in React Native

07m 47s

Introducing Tabbed Navigation

04m 59s

Switching Between Tabs

05m 55s

Styling Enhancements

02m 54s

Integrating Data from an External API

05m 26s

Chapter: Debugging Techniques in React Native

Starting the Chat Now App

07m 6s

Advanced Navigation Techniques

07m 31s

Using the Linking API

02m 29s

Introduction to Flux and Redux

02m 59s

Redux Reducers and Actions

08m 51s

Redux and Containers

08m 21s

Chapter: Chat Now App (Continued)

Chat Screen and Keyboard Tips

09m 12s

Thunks, Pure Reducers, and Scrolling

09m 13s

Two-way API Communication

06m 41s

More Navigator Techniques

04m 37s


06m 17s

AysncStorage (Continued)

05m 39s

Chapter: Preparing Apps for Distribution

Generating App Icons

05m 4s

iOS App Icons and Display Name

03m 30s

Android App Icons and Display Name

02m 5s

Creating a Production Bundle

03m 3s

Upgrading React Native Versions

03m 37s

Community Resources and Giving Back

05m 57s