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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

06m 12s

NSX Component Overview

13m 5s

NSX Controller Deployment

07m 30s

ESXi Host Preparation

11m 0s

Logical Switch Creation

06m 10s

Chapter: Static and Dynamic Routing

Dynamic Versus Static Routing

08m 47s

Dynamic Routing OSPF

09m 26s

Dynamic Routing BGP

03m 20s

Routing Architecture

10m 53s

Chapter: Deployment of NSX Routing with Edge and DLR

Deployment of NSX DLR for E-W Routing

05m 59s

Deployment of NSX Edge for N-S Routing

04m 5s

Combining NSX Edge and DLR for Dynamic Routing with OSPF

05m 55s

Chapter: Load Balancing with NSX

Inline Versus One-Arm Load Balancing

11m 2s

Deployment of NSX Load Balancing

08m 37s

Chapter: VPN

NSX Road Warrior Access

08m 14s

NSX Layer 2 VPN

12m 6s


09m 23s

Chapter: Firewalls in a Modern SDDC

Why Do We Need a Different Firewall Approach

11m 24s

Different Options with NSX Edge and Distributed Firewall

13m 39s

Concept of Service Composer, Security Groups, and Microsegmentation

07m 28s

Chapter: Deployment of NSX Firewall Technologies

NSX Edge Firewall

08m 22s

NSX Distributed Firewall

05m 28s

Using the Service Composer

08m 33s

Chapter: Third-party Options

Some Examples for NSX Firewall

07m 46s

Service Composer Integration with Third-party Vendors

04m 31s