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Table of Contents

Chapter: Building a Spring Boot App from Scratch with Spring Initializr

The Course Overview

03m 3s

Website Navigation

05m 43s

Picking Options for Our App

06m 34s

Unpacking and Importing the Bundled App into Our IDE

09m 11s

Chapter: Defining the Domain

Creating a JPA Entity to Represent an Image

03m 23s

Creating a Repository Interface for the Image Domain Object

05m 58s

Chapter: Creating a File Upload Controller

Creating a Service to Store Images

09m 8s

Creating a Spring MVC Controller to Handle Incoming Requests

10m 14s

Handling Images with cURL

06m 15s

Chapter: Building a Frontend with Templates

Building a Web Template to Fetch Images

09m 28s

Including Basic CSS to Show Thumbnails

04m 39s

Chapter: Adding Image Controls to the Frontend

Adding a Form to Upload an Image

07m 36s

Adding a Delete Button for Each Image

06m 12s

Adding Page Navigation and Tuning File Upload Limits

08m 14s

Chapter: Adding Spring Boot Actuator

Touring the Management Endpoints

09m 58s

Exploring the Auto-configuration Report

13m 33s

Creating a Custom Metric

05m 55s

Creating a Custom Health Stat

05m 32s

Creating Custom App Information

06m 20s

Chapter: Adding Spring Boot DevTools

Exploring Hot Swapping of Code and De-caching Templates

06m 1s

Developing Remotely in a Target Environment with Your Local IDE

05m 21s

Debugging a Remote App with DevTools

06m 47s

Turning Your App into an Executable Unix/Linux Service

06m 16s

Chapter: Adding CRaSH Remote Shell

Touring the Remote Shell

06m 6s

Creating Custom Commands

12m 26s

Chapter: Adding WebSocket-Based Messaging

Configuring WebSocket Support on the Server Side

05m 53s

Defining Events for Image Creation and Deletion

06m 7s

Chapter: Adding WebSocket Messaging to the UI

Adding WebSocket and SockJS Modules to the Frontend

08m 2s

Registering WebSocket Message Handlers

08m 19s

Chapter: Defining Our Security Policy

Securing Our Site with a Simple Policy

07m 40s

Creating an In-memory Set of Users with Roles

05m 38s

Chapter: Decorating Images with User Data

Adding User Data to the Domain Model

09m 10s

Linking User Session with Image before Storing

08m 12s

Chapter: Securing Operations with Authorization Rules

Adding URL-based Security Controls

08m 37s

Applying Method-level Security Controls

11m 33s